My Dream Destination

I like seaside, beaches and island so much.  When I was a kid, I always traveling with my mother to various places and some of the place that I had experienced are seaside and island holiday.  It is not just a routine holiday, it is actually more likely a holiday which we travel and gathers new informations of that location. Last year, we went to Jakarta & Bandung for holiday trip.  It is a superb holiday spent with the whole family.

Tentatively, I have a plan to go to Malaysian beaches like Lankayan Island.  Why? It is because we as Malaysian have to be proud of what we have here.  There's one Malay saying, ''If the were golden rain in other places compare with bricks rain in ours; better to be at ours''. This saying means that there are more likely better place to be than other places and the place is our home. 

My friend always remind me about this planing of going to this island for holiday.  She also loves to have this superb experiences in Malaysia by watching Malaysian sea waves, corals and other such beautiful sight at the island.  Here are some of the featured sight in certain location of an island:
courtesy from Mas Traveller Agencies.

For those Malaysia who wish to start traveling, now is the best to plan and select which place to go.  Click here to find out more about various location inside and outside Malaysia.  It also provide choice  of places to look for while traveling and expenses during your sweet holiday.  Enjoy your holiday!

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